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Seeing the world around me in snapshots

New addition to the front yard
That way
Nom nom nom

"Mirabelle lies back on her bed holding the photos like a gin hand. Each one is a ticket to the past; each reveals a moment, not only in the faces but in the furniture and other objects in the background. She remembers that rocker, she remembers that magazine, she remembers that porcelain souvenir from Monticello. She stares into these photos, enters them. She knows that even though the same people and the same furniture are outside her door, the photo cannot be re-created, reposed, and snapped again, not without reaching through time. Everything is present but untouchable. This melancholy stays with her until sleep, and she loves being held by it, but she cannot figure out why these photos are so powerful beyond their obvious nostalgic tug."

From Shopgirl (a novella), by Steve Martin

3 1/2
White Bike
TV is the enemy.
Night Moves
Urban sunset
Morning walk
Rocket to the moon, near miss.
Your chariot awaits
Broadway Bridge